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Spiritual Alignment Coach, Energy Worker & Healer

My name is Leslie Brauns and I am a spiritual alignment coach, energy worker and healer.  I am passionate about helping others experience their true authentic selves by aligning with who they really are.   Being directly mentored by and studying the “Spiritual Alignment Method“ under 

Nova Wightman of,

I enjoy helping people recreate themselves and their lives into versions they love. 

I am married to a loving man that keeps me well grounded with two sons and a daughter that enrich my life. 

I enjoy cycling, reading and warm sunny days by the water.  


Spiritual Alignment Coaching

Have you ever felt that you need more joy, balance and harmony in your life?  Are you wondering what you’re meant to do here or there must be something more to all this? 

We tend to keep our human side separate from our spiritual side but with the help of the Spiritual Alignment Method we can create cohesiveness within us to be our true authentic self.

If you’d like to learn more about the Spiritual Alignment Method and how it might be right for you, contact me here for a free consultation.


Energy Worker and Healer

As an energy worker and healer I practice Reiki, a very relaxing and ancient Japanese healing modality. 

Reiki uses light touch and spiritually guided life force energy.  

A Reiki session may help ease stress and tension and may aide in support of the body to create an environment for healing on all levels-physical, emotional and spiritual. 

Reiki sessions


Service - Certified Level II Practitioner in Usui System of Natural Healing

Member of International Association of Reiki Practitioners @ and, an association that helps people recover more quickly after cancer treatment ends. 

Reiki Sessions

45 minute Reiki session- -$45

60 minute Reiki session- -$65

Distant healings available at same rates

Buy 3 sessions and get 10% discount

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